Who we are

The family Business Network FBN Levant is a not-for-profit regional member association of FBN International offering opportunities for its members in Lebanon and the region to share, learn, exchange, and communicate in a safe space to build a vibrant family business community.

FBN Levant has been officially launched on December 7, 2016, with the sole purpose of providing the multigenerational families in business with the support needed to grow, transition, and learn from each other through educational events and by connecting members and their families to a diverse community across the Levant and more than 60 countries around the world.

Founded in 1989, the Family Business Network FBN International based in Lausanne, Switzerland, www.fbn-i.org is the world's leading network across of business owning families as a private not-for-profit organisation promoting the success and sustainability of family business across generations, "by Families, for Families, across Generations".


We offer business families a safe space to learn from, share with and inspire each other about how to guide the family involvement in the business, facilitate relationships within the family and raise the awareness and importance of family business models in society.


To be the premier national & regional resource and learning community which supports family businesses on their succession journey to thrive and transform across generations to build a sustainable future.


Trust and Openness

The Network is founded on the principles of open communication and trust


Members are committed to sharing experiences and insights in an atmosphere of confidentiality


Active participation by members is the vital ingredient that makes the Network valuable


The Network is not a place to sell products or services to other members. It is a forum to learn from the exchange of ideas, experiences, and information

Respect & Professionalism

Discussions and debates are always conducted in a respectful and professional manner


FBN focuses on offering the following services to its members in a safe space for peer-to-peer exchange through on-site and online workshops, seminars/webinars & closed Family circles.






The benefits of the chapter are the following:
Participation in workshops organized by the team members, bringing in specialists who would be discussing Family Business issues & sharing experiences.

  • Providing access to all the FBN chapters, providing an opportunity for exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • Providing access to the annual FBN International yearly summit at an additional fee.
  • Providing access to the research platform of FBN International.
  • Providing access to a network of Family Business Advisory & specialists.


FBN Levant is a registered not-for-profit association under registration number 365 in the Ministry of Interior in Lebanon.
FBN Levant Governance bodies include:

•   The General Assembly
The General Assembly is composed of the members of FBN Levant.

•   The Board of Directors
The Board oversees the general business and strategy of FBN Levant. It is composed of a maximum of 13 FBN Levant members including the General Manager, who is also the Secretary to the Board of Directors.

•   The Next Generation NxG Committee
By NxGs for NxGs, the NxG Community is led by the NxG Committee - including a maximum of 7 Next Generation members, all in different phases of involvement in their family businesses Their mission: To take NxGs places they thought they would never go.


Targeted groups (spouses, women, retired members, non-family executives), etc

  • Networking events (local and international workshops, seminars & summits)
  • Exchange & resource platform as well as practical research
  • Global & local community
  • Next Generation activities & programs (New Leaders Circle NLC workshops.
  • Annual Summits(NxG and Global), Internship programs, Polaris Training on Sustainability, Networking events
  • Activities of Now Generation (business leaders between 35 and 55 years old who share a common responsibility for their family businesses) include Entrepreneurs-community, Coffee with Entrepreneurs and Xpert Directory
  • Access to all FBN International activities
  • Global Webinar Series: Our webinars for bigger audience focus on general topics and are presented by knowledgeable speakers.
  • Community Gatherings: Members of the same community discuss, learn, and come together in these interactive and smaller formats.
  • Master Class: Peer-to-peer learning format with discussions and exchanges between members inspired by real cases, facilitated by leading practitioners.
FBN is a global network with 33 Member Associations in 65 countries composed of 4000 family businesses worldwide, 16,000 family members of which 6400 are Next Generation (age group 18-40)


FBN welcomes all business family's members!

The 6 different communities are tailored to the needs and interests of our members according to their generation, topic, and role:

Now Generation - Business leaders between 35 and 55 years old that share a common responsibility for their family businesses and are actively involved with their family business but perhaps not fully in power yet.

Next Generation - NxG - This community aged between 18-40 is comprised of over 6,400 members that actively connect and support each other via numerous events and activities, including an annual NxG Summit and NxG Entrepreneurship Day.

Entrepreneurs - The entrepreneurial mind-set is part of the genetic makeup of family business together as a community is a safe space, inspiring and challenging each other to build new and better business ventures.

Polaris - Our raison d'Être - It is a global movement of business families championing Family Business as a Force for Good. FBN creates thought leadership content, develops case studies, and designs events such as the Polaris Circles on sustainability to enable family businesses to Redefine Success Across Generations

Large Families - Cousins' consortiums with 50 or more shareholders.

Family Office - Family businesses transforming into families-in business.


Lina Chehab

Founding Board Member & General manager

Hala Harfouche

Administrative Manager